European Studies

.. opean Social Fund (ESF), the European Agricultural Guarantee and Guidance Fund (EAGGF) (although only Guidance is relevant to Structural Funds) and the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG). (24) The Structural Funds are aimed at reducing regional and social disparities in the EU. Between 1989 and 194 the funds were allocated 10,000 million ECU […]


Handel George Frederick Handel was a great musician of the Baroque Period. Handel was born in 1685. He lived most of his younger life in Halle, Germany. Georges birthday was on February 23rd, and then was baptized the next day. On October 6th, 1687, Handels first sister was born. Her name was Dorothea Sophia Handel. […]

My Best Friends Wedding

My Best Friends Wedding My Best Friends Wedding You never know what you have until you reach out and its no longer there. This quote was given by an unknown source. This is exactly what Jules is experiencing with her best friend Michael. Jules went out with Michael for like a month and he fell […]

Rise And Fall Of The Nova Scotia Coal Industry

.. sulfur dioxide (SO2). This gas is toxic and can be severely irritating to the eyes and lungs. In the atmosphere sulfur dioxide combines with water vapour to produce sulfuric acid which is then removed through precipitation and it falls to earth as acid rain. There are presently methods available that are able to remove […]

Joan Miro

Joan Miro Working Thesis: The Catalan struggle and Spanish Civil War greatly influenced Joan Mir s art; Miros techniques of forceful strokes with paint and ceramics enable Mir to express his feelings and depict the Catalan peoples struggle through art. I. Surrealism in the 1920s A.) Born into a Catalan culture B.) Intense nationalist activity […]

Mapp Vs Ohio

Mapp vs. Ohio The Mapp Vs Ohio Supreme Court Case was a turning point in our nation’s history. It changed our legal system by forming the exclusionary rule, which in turn changed the way prosecution of a criminal is performed. On May 23, 1957, three Cleveland police officers arrived at Dolly Mapps home. They had […]


Baseball Understanding why we are here on this place called earth is a mystery. Life has so many obstacles, so many hardships. It is the success that we accomplish that allows us to survive; everyone wants to be the best at what they do. Being a success shows others that we can do it. We […]

International Court Of Justice

International Court Of Justice International Court Of Justice (ICJ) is the principal of the United Nations Judicial organ of the United Nations, which succeeded the Permanent court of International Justice after World War Two. It gains its legitimacy from Article 92 of the UN Charter, which allows it to function in accordance with the annexed […]

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion Coastal Erosion With Reference to examples discuss the view that coastal erosion is caused by human intervention as a posed to natural processes. For many decades the approach to rapid coastal erosion was to build up sea defences, to try and slow down or even stop the erosion. Initially the attempts were thought […]

Cronon On Education

Cronon On Education Cronon on Education Having read Victor’s story not realizing until the very end that Victor in the story was the author made it much more confusing! I realize that the issue here is about racial and social discrimination as well as about education and following your own ideals instead of the rest […]