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Toshiba ext HD not working on MAC Avoid Toshiba SCSI CD-Rom Drives Toshiba PDR4 Toshiba Laptop XP problem Is my Toshiba MK7575GSX a 4096/512e or not? JASS (BTC): JAS 5224, 8200, 8300. 087. COMBO (PHILIPS): CDD5351, RW24x8/DVD, RW48/DVD, RW48/DVD16a, RW48/DVDa, RW52/DVD16a. 043. generic-mmc-raw o - o ACER 2010A ? weblink

CD-R/RW (CyberDrv): CW078D CD-R/RW, CW079D CD-R/RW, CW088D CD-R/RW, CW089D CD-R/RW, CW098D CD-R/RW, CW099D CD-R/RW, EW058U CD-R/RW, EW068U CD-R/RW, EW078U CD-R/RW, EW088U CD-R/RW. 029. plextor-scan2) - o o SONY CD-ROM ? IMATION: IMW121032IAB, IMW161032IA, IMW16DL84I, IMW16DL84RAME, IMW241040IAB, IMW241224DV8EA, IMW242424DV8E, IMW321248IA, IMW401248IA, IMW402440EA, IMW4222DV8E, IMW482448DV16IA, IMW482448DV81AC, IMW522452IA, IMW523252DV161, IMW523252E, IMW523252IA, IMW523252IC, IMW8844DL8E, IMWDLRW16DL84E, IMWDVRW16DL84I, IMWDVRW16DLE, IMWDVRW16DLI, IMWDVRW16LI, IMWDVDRW8DE, IMWDVRW8DI, IMWDVRW8I, IMWLS16DL84I, CD-R IMR080020, AccessTek: CD-RW CW0801, CW1601, CW1601A, CW3201, CW4001, CW4002, CW4801, CW4802, CW5201, CW5202, CW5205, CW5207, TCW5201, COMBO DC4801. 007.

DVDRW (BTC): 1004IB, 1004IM, 1008IB, 1008IM, 1012IM, 1016IM, DUALS801E, DUALS801I, IDE1004, IDE1008, IDE1012, IDE1016, IDE1104, IDE1108, IDE1112, IDE1116, IDE H16X, 16X, USB 16X. 061. For GATEWAY SOLO 5300 5350 series LAPTOP Toshiba Samsung SD-R2102 or similar model CDRW/DVD COMBO DRIVE Come as BARE as picture - The caddy or mounting part is not included. And it has a ! Sign inAccount & ListsSign inAccount & ListsOrdersTry PrimeCart0 Your Amazon.comToday's DealsGift Cards & RegistrySellHelpDisability Customer Support Computers Laptops Tablets Desktops Monitors Computer Accessories PC Components PC Gaming Electronics › Computers &

DGMaster (LITE-ON): DGM-241040,DGM-321240, DGM-401248, DGM-481248, DGM-482448. 052. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Ships from and sold by cBear Computers. RM (BTC): CD-RW BCE5224IM, BCE5232IM, COMBO BCO5216IM. 144.

Please specify the exact strings for Vendor and Model as reported by cdrdao so that I can use them for the driver selection database. CyberDrv: CB501D Combo, CB511D Combo, CB521D Combo, CB531D Combo, CW018D CD-R/RW, CW028D CD-R/RW, CW038D CD-R/RW, CW048D CD-R/RW, CW058D CD-R/RW, CW059D CD-R/RW, CW068D CD-R/RW, CW069D CD-R/RW, CW078D CD-R/RW, CW079D CD-R/RW, CW088D CD-R/RW, generic-mmc o - o OTI -975 SOCRATES ? generic-mmc-raw o - o PHILIPS PCRW404 1.06,1.4b generic-mmc-raw o - o PHILIPS PCRW804 1.5,2.0 generic-mmc-raw o - o PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-114 2.06 generic-mmc o o o PLEXTOR CD-R PX-R412 1.04, 1.06,

IDE-CD (PHILIPS): CDRW7352, JR/RW24, ReWritable-2x2x6, R/RW 2x2x24, 4x4x24, 4x4x32, 8x4x32, 12x8x32, 12x8, 12x10, 16x10A, 16x12A, 20x10, 24x10A, 24x12A, 40x12A, 40x16A, 48xA, 48xB, 48xC. 082. generic-mmc-raw o o o PHILIPS CDD2000 1.25, 1.26 cdd2600 o - o PHILIPS CDD2600 1.07 cdd2600 o - o PHILIPS CDD3600 2.00 generic-mmc-raw o - o PHILIPS CDD3610 2.02, 3.01, 3.09 GENERIC (MATSUSHITA): CDRCB03, CDRCB04, CDRCB05, DVD-RAM MLT01, MLT02, MLT03. 072. ARCHOS: MiniCDRW 161024, XS4424, XS4432, XS8432. 013.

  1. While doing this madness, I concluded that the drive must be a Panasonic Matshita ujda740 drive, but I’m not sure.
  2. ATAPI (BENQ): CD-R/RW CRW6206A, 2X2X6, CRW6232A, 2X2X32, CRW4232A, 4X2X32, CRW4432A, 4X4X32, 4X2X30, 4X4X30, 2X2X24, 4X4X24, 6X4X30, 6X4X32, 8X4X24, 8X4X30, 8X4X32, CRW8432A, 10X8X32, 12X8X32, 10X4X32, 4X4X6, 4X4X8, 16X10, 20X10, 24X10, 16X10X40, 20X10X40,
  3. generic-mmc-raw o o o _NEC NR-7700A 1.01 generic-mmc o - o _NEC NR-7800A 1.01,1.0B generic-mmc-raw o - o ASUS CD-S340 1.60 generic-mmc - - o ASUS CD-S400 2.40 generic-mmc - -
  4. CD-R/RW (PROVIEW): 52X24X52X. 030.

AXTRATEC (BTC): CRD-RW1S, RW5120, AXT 8000. 022. generic-mmc o - o LG 8120B 1.03 generic-mmc o o o LG CD-ROM CDR-8428B 1.0 generic-mmc o - o LG CD-RW CED-8080B 1.05,1.06 generic-mmc o o o LG CD-RW CED-8081B 1.00,1.05,1.06 PATRIOT: LTR-12101B, LTR-16101B, LTR-16102B, LTR-16102C. 128. Cyam (LITE-ON): CLW-224A, CLW-232A, CLW-240A. 048.

This fits your. have a peek at these guys DVDRW (LITE-ON): 16X16X, DRW-1S40, DRW-1S41, DRW-1S61, DRW-1S65, DRW-1S66, DRW-1S81, DRW-1S85, DRW-2S80, DRW-2S81, DRW-2S83, DRW-2S85, DRW-3S120, DRW-3S121, DRW-3S125, DRW-3S161, DRW-3S163, DRW-3S165, DRW-3S167, DRW-3S169, DRW-3S189, DRW-3S83, DRW-3Y161, DRW-5S161, DRW-5S163, DRW-5S165, DRW-5S16H, DRW-5S16HS, DRW-5S185, Q-lity (QSI): CD-R/RW ECW-043. 139. Please add the address to your address book.

plextor-scan2) - o o PLEXTOR PX-63 ? generic-mmc-raw o - o AOPEN CRW62011) 2.40 ricoh-mp6200 o - o AOPEN CRW9624 1.70 generic-mmc o - o ARTEC RW241040 1.02 generic-mmc-raw o - o ARTEC WRA-WA48 ? Well documented on Microsoft's website as well as in dozens of posts on this site. [url]http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;320553[/url] [url]http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q314060[/url] Jerry K View Public Profile Send a private message to Jerry K Find all http://standardtechnological.com/cdrw-dvd/cdrw-dvd-sbw-241-driver.html JUMBO (QSI): CDRW/DVD DBW-481, DBW521A, SBW242U, DVDRW DDW-081, DDW-082, SDW-041. 090.

Back LotFancy® New Black keyboard for Toshiba Satellite A300 A300D A305 A305D L300 L305 L305D M300 Series Laptop / Notebook US Layout 4.6 out of 5 stars 94 $10.80 Hodely(TM) Laptop FREECOM (BTC): CDRW52K, DVD+/-RW8K1. 067. MSI (AccessTek): CD-R/RW CR-48, CR-52, CD-RW 48XMAX, 52XMAX, 52X32-M0, CR-52, CR52, MS-8332, MS-8340, MS-8340S, MS-8348, MS-8348S, MS-8352M, MS-8416N, COMBO 48X24-M0, DVD Du 4X/24X-M0, 8X/48X-M0, DVD+RW 4X/40X-M0, 8X/48X-M0. 115.

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SCSI-ID (PHILIPS): ReWritable-2x2x6. 152. Shecom: ikebana. 154. LACIE: CDBP-12432A, CDBP-12432S, CDBP-121032A, CDBP-121032S, CDBP-161040A, CDBP-161040S, CDBP-241040A, CDBP-241040S, CDBP-321040A, CDBP-321240A, CDBP-401240A, CDBP-401248A, CDRW-8432A, CDRW-12432S, CDRW-BOOSTER, LTR-1240B, CD-RW BOOSTER, d2 DVD-RW. 093. teac-cdr551) o - o TEAC CD-R55 1.0k,1.0n,1.0r teac-cdr551) o - o TEAC CD-R56 ?

generic-mmc - o o TOSHIBA XM-5401 1036 plextor2) - - o 1) Only available in current development version. 2) Supports only read-toc and read-cd. 3) Writing with firmware revision 1.0i does Please check your burner device model, operating system, firmware version according to TOSHIBA CDRW/DVD SDR2102 CD Burner Firmware 1D98 WINDOWS VERSION USERS CDRW/DVD SDR2102 TOSHIBA has been tested with Burn4Free DVD In the Find box, type the model number for your CD or DVD drive.   Model list 001. 1394 (Acer): CD-R/RW 12X8X32. 002. 2.4X2.4X8 (LITE-ON): 121032. 003. 48X24 (AccessTek): COMBO. 004. this content generic-mmc - - o TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-3601B 1885 toshiba2) - - o TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5302TA 1095 toshiba2) - - o TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5701TA 0167 toshiba2) - - o TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-6102B

OLYMPUS (NEC): S-DVD-100. 120.