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Cd Rom Drivers Dos 6.22

Also, while in Safe Mode | Device Manager, click on Monitors and remove any entry that does not match the mo Learn about the technologies behind the Internet with The TCP/IP You should see the following: CONFIG.SYS: There should be a line reading something like "DEVICE=C:\CDROM\CDATAPI.SYS /D:MSCD001", and there may be other "/" parameters in there as well. The problem with this is that if you later add another hard disk, that will take the letter your CD-ROM was using, and this can cause a lot of your CD-ROM-based Type "dir J:" (or whatever your CD-ROM letter is) and the contents of the CD-ROM should be displayed. http://standardtechnological.com/cd-rom/cd-rom-drivers-for-dos-6-2.html

I assume that you have the system booted and are at the DOS prompt, root directory of the C: drive. If the driver disk does not contain MSCDEX.EXE, you will need this file as well; it may be on your operating system boot disk, or Windows 95 startup disk. They are beginning to put special un-installers for download that you can use. Or, Download mouse.zip to an empty folder on your hard drive and and unpack it. http://manmrk.net/tutorials/DOS/cdrom.htm

For example, on old Toshiba's there is a tsetup file in c:\dos. Your basic disk must at least include the startup files, mscdex.exe, and himem.sys. For more information, refer to the page on CD-ROM configuration. So the line will now look something like "C:\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /L:J" (plus whatever other parameters were there before).

  1. Change it now, and Windows will keep the change and things will work much better.
  2. After you are done with your dos work you may have to rem out the lines in config.sys and/or autoexec.bat to make sure your cdrom works in Windows because windows likes
  3. The classic way to reinstall video drivers on a SEASONED SYSTEM that is having a problem with the standard methods is to first go into Safe Mode | Device Manager and
  4. Before you use this disk your hard drive has to be partitioned and formatted and made bootable with the sys c: command.
  5. Often you can just disconnect the keyboard to get the "To Enter Setup Press" prompt.
  6. After the hard disk boots, you should see a message from the CD-ROM driver as it loads, and then from MSCDEX as well, telling you that the CD-ROM has been assigned
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If it is EDIT.COM and the file is on the floppy, this command will do the job, issued from the C: root directory: "copy a:edit.com c:". In summary, the USB DOS mice "driver" files are very limited in their use. NOTE: Using robot software to mass-download the site degrades the server and is prohibited. HOW TO MAKE A BOOTDISK FOR YOUR PC The easiest way to make a simple bootdisk for your Win 95/98 computer is to type sys a: at a c:\_ Or, from

View over 750 of my fine art photos any time for free at DesktopScenes.com! [ The PC Guide | Procedure Guide | Setup and Inspection Procedures ] CD-ROM Driver Installation Check your motherboard manual also. Reminder, you should have at least a basic disk that at least starts your computer before you apply thepatch. http://www.computerhope.com/cdromd.htm Press the {SpaceBar} once; the cursor will move one position to the right.

Thanks to Mark O' If you want a mouse to work on your bootdisk copy mouse.com to your bootdisk and add a line in the autoexec.bat like this: mouse, or a:\mouse.com, Here's another list that was posted on usenet that may help. HOW TO INSTALL VIDEO DRIVERS Windows may lose your video card settings or drivers. Another mouse installation program for DOS is mouse.exe.

This may not work however if your CD drive letter has changed since you installed Windows due to adding another IDE device. https://superuser.com/questions/778716/install-a-cd-rom-driver-on-ms-dos Note that it can take a few seconds for the disk to be registered, so be patient. Also Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-q, Ctrl-s, Alt-s, Esc, Alt-Esc, Alt-Enter, Ctrl-Alt-Esc, Ctrl-Alt-Enter, Ctrl-Alt-F8, and Ctrl-Alt-Insert. How Do I Access My BIOS or CMOS Setup Utility?

Selection #1 works 99% of the time. http://standardtechnological.com/cd-rom/cd-rom-drivers-for-dos-6-22.html Type "dir a:" and {Enter} to verify that the disk is readable. If none of the included generic cdrom drivers work then you really need the specific driver for your cdrom that you should be able to get from your manufacturers website. You can do this the easy way or the hard way: Using an Editor: Create an empty file using your editor, and then save it as "CONFIG.SYS".

I strongly recommend having some sort of text editor, such as EDIT.COM, available for use in this procedure. It will put a line in your autoexec.bat file [c:\mouse\mouse] and reboot your computer. This is a much better option than using third party software. weblink Supplemental Note #1: Make sure the jumpers are set on your cdrom correctly.

Or, another way: Do a sys a: from a C:\_ prompt and then download shebang2 to an empty folder on your hard drive, click on it and copy the contents to For example, some people have swappable CD and Floppy drives for their laptop and have to be able to boot to C: and use their Windows CD to start the install. Just change the 1 to a 2, easy huh?

You may find the solution in this section of The Troubleshooting Expert.

Reboot: Remove the driver floppy disk from the floppy drive and reboot the system. Kozierok.All Rights Reserved. Supplemental Note #2: Windows 3.X has no utility for making a bootdisk. Getting your cdrom to work may also be a hassle, unless you make a bootdisk with Windows 98 in that case it will most likely include the drivers that will see

If you get real desperate, you can sometimes take out a set of RAM which may cause an adjustment notice where the directions may appear on how to access, or just They'll just say "MSCDEX not found" and stop. "C:\DOS" is the traditional place for the MSCDEX.EXE file on older DOS 6.22 and earlier PCs. then type install. http://standardtechnological.com/cd-rom/cd-rom-drivers-for-dos.html Hardware Required: None.

Repeat for "AUTOEXEC.BAT" or copy CONFIG.SYS to AUTOEXEC.BAT. There are 4 things to look for in the BIOS. Some install programs will not run if MSCDEX.EXE is not in the C:\DOS directory on your hard disk, and they won't tell you this either! Also remember to check Add/Remove programs to uninstall any old drivers, if there.

I WANT MY CDROM TO WORK IN DOS Sometimes you need to make your hard drive boot up to DOS and load CDrom drivers. CONFIG.SYS has now been created with one space character in it. You'll have to manually edit the files to fix them. Time to Perform: About 5 minutes assuming there aren't any problems.

The system will not respond, but rather will just drop the cursor down one line and send it to the left edge of the screen. Not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of this site. In this case I am naming it tomato, you can name it anything you like but I think it has to be 8 characters or less. I have no idea why some companies are so lame that they cannot even do something as simple as this properly, but it happens all the time.

then we have F12, other F keys, Ctrl-Alt-q, Ctrl-Alt-s, Ctrl-Alt-d, Ctrl-Alt-p, Ctrl-Esc, Ctrl-Shift-s and combinations of above. If cd1.sys doesn't find your cdrom drive, then you can edit the config.sys and change cd1.sys to cd2.sys and so on.