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Thanks bro! tank u i from iram ! Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. It does show up in drive managment just no drive letter.

All rights reserved. It shows error "Application Execution Error" with message "One of the library files needed to run this application is damaged. To obtain write caching, the drives to be cached has to be stated succeeded by a + (SMARTDRV C+ D+ E+ etc.). At the end, You Will Find The Source of Problem(s). why not find out more

are set as in the example above, then the available memory in UMB 1 will just barely be used (at least with the Danish versions of Windows 9x). Version 8.x of Quartedeck seems to take hand of the problem by itself. Turns on displaying the loading of the Stacker drives. I'm using a real 386 computer, not a virtual machine guest Posted on Saturday, May 28 2016 @ 02:06:23 PM by Jerry.

This disk uses DEVICE.COM to load. You must boot and install MS-DOS first, and then install Windows from the floppy from within MS-DOS, as if it were a videogame and not an operating system. Thank you. Downloaded your Tarball file and Winzip 20 trial but just don't have a clue HOW to put those files to floppy disk.

VirtualBox just keeps crashing every time. HIMEM.SYS is MS-DOS' extended memory manager, allowing the OS and applications to use more than the first 640 KB of available memory (RAM).  The /testmem:off option instructs HIMEM to not test Some Of those drivers supports standard (and OLD) VGA/SVGA Graphic Cards. You wont have to worry about finding mscdex.exe or himem.sys.

Windows 3.11 If a DOS version above DOS 5.00 is used, then the versions of HIMEM.SYS, EMM386.EXE and SMARTDRV.EXE installed by Windows in C:\ should NOT be used. guest Posted on Sunday, May 07 2017 @ 12:04:50 AM by ebenezer . again. kirsle Posted on Saturday, December 11 2010 @ 01:02:00 AM by Noah Petherbridge.

ISO-9660 CD Support and SMARTDRV.EXE Bootdisk Page ~ A selection of DOS Bootdisks with Add-On IDE & SCSI CD-ROM Drivers. Often you can just disconnect the keyboard to get the "To Enter Setup Press" prompt. MS-DOS 5.00.224 BETA do not have Setup.exe because it early MS-DOS 5.0 Beta Build. Requires that a CD-ROM driver (line 13) with the same text after /D: is loaded. /M:15 states a suitable amount of buffers, and /E states that these buffer shall be loaded

Vista General recognize hard driveI am having a hard time getting vista to recognize my slave hard drive. Oldtech81 191,974 views 9:09 [Installation] MS-DOS 6.22 - Windows 3.11 - CDROM - SimTower HD - Duration: 7:54. Vista hardware & devices drive does not recognize cdI currently have windows vista home premium. Under PC DOS, the program RAMBOOST can be used for memory optimization, but this program isn't flawless either, and it is furthermore a resident program consuming memory itself.

Press Enter to skip the Welcome screen Specify c:\dos\net for the installation directory (since these are DOS-specific drivers) For network adapter selection, you can choose the driver that's appropriate for your Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Don't remove mscdex.exe or himem.sys from your bootdisk but DO let it overwrite config.sys and autoexec.bat. Therefore I hereby pass on some advice about that subject.

The following files are required for DOS networking for each of the listed NICs: 3Com 3C905C ndis2\dos\el90x.dos - NDIS2 driver ndis2\dos\oemsetup.inf - NDIS2 configuration file for Microsoft Network Client pktdvr\3c90xpd.com - guest Posted on Monday, May 18 2015 @ 05:39:04 AM by Michael. kirsle Posted on Sunday, June 26 2016 @ 12:15:40 PM by Noah Petherbridge. @Kro: Windows 3.1 was never bootable.

The PATH line can not contain more then 127 characters.

  1. Maybe you need to keep your confused comments to yourself, rather than disrespect a regular member with a significantly higher post count than your own, Noob!!!
  2. Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Fortunately, this isn't a one-or-the-other choice; it's possible to install support for both with some extra work.  If you only need one or the other, though, save yourself the hassle and
  4. EMM386 is DOS' expanded memory manager and, which (also) allows access to memory over 1 MB.  Although this does roughly the same thing as HIMEM.SYS, EMM386 is required in order to
  5. On thing to tho check if you are having driver problems is the website of the card manufacturer.
  6. Windows 95 OSR2 and FAT32 The OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2) version of Windows 95 uses FAT32 instead of the previously used FAT16 file system.
  7. thanks but do u have it in a single iso?
  8. guest Posted on Friday, March 27 2015 @ 08:49:50 AM by MichaelD.
  9. Increases the maximum breakpoints that can be used by the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) from 200 to 768.
  10. I am an engineer and have an instrument which connected to a computer.

I have downloaded some of the MS Entertainment Packages with games like Skiing and Rodent Revenge - I am however receiving erros when attempting to run the game EXE's --- "Make which is why I believe it was suggested initially. That's weird. Next, edit c:\config.sys and add/change the following (again, other settings should be left alone for now): SWITCHES=/f DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb BREAK=on rem DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\setver.exe The /f option to SWITCHES

If ver doesn't work then go to your DOS folder and note the dates on the files as they correspond to the version of DOS you are using. I recommend leaving the Start Options set to "Run Network Client".  The Load Pop-up option is only useful if you plan on communicating with other LAN systems using the old netbios Specific for the installed drive. OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game I'm doing all this for, I get a

If I have an image of my windows 8 box and I want to restore this on a virtual box, how do I go about this? thanks for the upload mate!! Just type MAP and press enter. New 13 Mar 2009 #3 Don Guest Re: Getting DOS 6.2 & Win 3.1 to Recognize the CD Drive I forgot to mention that I also have the following line in

shall be loaded. I WANT MY CDROM TO WORK IN DOS Sometimes you need to make your hard drive boot up to DOS and load CDrom drivers. Many programs inserts their own path in this line during program setup, but in the most instances this is not necessary.Try removing the program path and check if the program can Finally, the DIRCMD variable instructs the DIR command to display files sorted first by name, then by extension, with directories always listed first (by default, it lists files sorted by date). 

States the name of the 1.st Stacker file and swaps drive C: and E: States the name of the 2.nd Stacker file and swaps drive D: and F: The Quarterdeck parameter: guest Posted on Saturday, September 14 2013 @ 08:28:59 AM by FiggyCity. did you buy this from a hosting site or did you set up your own server rack at home? Installation is pretty simple; just copy and rename the following files as suggested: copy scp2d386.exe c:\apps\scp.exe copy sftpd386.exe c:\apps\sftp.exe copy ssh2d386.exe c:\apps\ssh.exe SSH2DOS is a WATTCP-based application, so it requires a

Your driver might have another name. Watch QueueQueueWatch QueueQueue Remove allDisconnect The next video is startingstop Loading... Dear All, I have P1 system and have installed windows 3.11 work group with DOS 6.22 after some time (few hours) of running system indicate that "operating system not found" and The BBS takes a lot of extra RAM to function.

Note:  Installation order differs depending on whether you want only PD support, only NDIS support, or both.  Also, while the PD option may sound more limited than NDIS, it's really not.  I still have my floppy's for First Choice that i have been attempting to install into my xp, but of course i am having problems. If the computer hangs under startup after an apparently successful OPTIMIZE, it might be because OPTIMIZE has added squeezing to the LOADHI procedure for some of the programs. has not been used.

Pete Hera guest Posted on Friday, September 23 2011 @ 10:21:14 AM by Limon93. Having a problem trying to put this on an old Dell Latitude. Please reinstall the application." What should I do to resolve this issue? I purchased my first computer in late 1978.